Sunny Scoops

Sunny Scoops Online Slot

While Thunderkick remains fairly small in comparison to many other developers, they have produced a wide range of creative and attractive video slot games, with Sunny Scoops being a fine example.

This slot game holds an entirely unique setup, with different flavoured scoops of ice cream making up what would essentially be considered the reels in any other slot. There are 3 scoops on each cone, with 14 possible paylines and a number of bonus features.

The Sunny Scoops slot is available in a number of land-based, online and mobile casinos across the globe and can be played for real money as well as for free, depending on player preference.

Interface and Gameplay

It is clear that players are presented with something quite unique with regards to game design and display, however it is the implementation of top quality graphics that truly sets this game apart from some of Thunderkick’s earlier releases.

The scoops are set against a bright blue sky, while a single bar below the scoops provides all of the necessary action buttons needed to control the game. This includes a menu button, offering the paytable, game rules, autoplay, betting options, game settings, sound settings and even graphic settings.

The bets accommodate all players, ranging from as little as 0.10 coins up to as much as 100.00. Players will also notice that the scoops will slide off to the right of the screen at each spin to allow room for more to appear from the right, as opposed to tumbling or rolling reels.

Sunny Scoops Symbols

Before beginning a game of Sunny Scoops it is advised that players take a good look at the paytable, with a wide range of flavours providing possible confusion with novice players. The game is composed of higher value and lower value symbols.

High value symbols can be identified by the lemon swirl (yellow), lime (green, caramel crunch (orange) and choc chip (brown) flavours, while the lower value symbols are represented by strawberry (pink), blueberry (purple) and double choc chip (dark brown).

Sunny Scoops Bonus Features

This particular online slot features a two-stage bonus game that requires players to match up 3 flavours of ice cream on one single cone (or reel). Thus, players simply need to make up a one-flavoured ice cream cone to trigger more winning opportunities.

This then causes a spinning wheel to appear at the top of the ice cream, where the screen the zooms in to allow players to view whether they will be awarded with a multiplier of 2x, 3x, 5x or 7x, or a flavour ingredient symbol to trigger the next stage.

Free Spins Bonus

The free spins is ultimately the next stage in the original Sunny Scoops bonus feature mentioned above, where players are given 10 free spins. In this feature, players are provided a multiplying ladder on the right of the screen, offering bigger Sunny Scoops multipliers for consecutive wins.

This essentially means that players can climb the ladder to receive bigger multipliers for each win they receive, however, should they not receive a win the scoops will disappear and players will find themselves dropping back down to lower multipliers.