Royal Secrets slot

EGT Software’s Royal Secrets Slot Game

There are many conspiracy theorists around the world that believe that imperial families have skeletons hidden in their beautifully arrayed closets, and EGT Software’s Royal Secrets slot allows players to put these hypotheses to the test while they put money in the bank. Players will be asked to uncover just what the king and queen that rule this real money game are up to, and whether the chief knight and lady in waiting have anything to do with it. The good news is that players will be very richly rewarded for every clandestine occurrence they uncover, and will also be able to stake a claim on the various bonuses and features available. These include wild castles; scatter keys and crowns; a jackpot cards bonus; and a double-your-money gamble feature presented by EGT.

Players are afforded a variety of ways to uncover the covert happenings the characters of Royal Secrets slot are plotting by means of an array of devices, and can go underground with their desktop computers; laptops; smartphones and tablets as they please. The stake styles are as varied, and no matter how low or high bettors prefer to set their wagers they are sure to find a way to play.

The Cloak-and-Dagger Characters of EGT’s Royal Secrets Slot

The top secret activities unfolding during Royal Secrets slot play will be enacted by a varied group of characters as they go about their plotting. The king will wave at the player each time he or she manages to form part of a winning combination, and fanfares announce wins as players work their way through the various comings and goings of this underhanded assemblage of aristocracy.

Players landing letters on the reels will be able to break the code and take home a 3 000 coin reward when they do, and each time they manage to catch the lady in waiting lurking where she shouldn’t be their bankrolls will boost by 4 000 coins. The chief knight and queen caught covertly cooperating will net 14 000 coins, and the classified actions of the king will make players 100 000 coins richer if they manage to catch him red-handed.

Special Symbols for Royal Secrets Slot

Players who manage to find the stealthy scatter crowns on the first; third; and fifth reels of Royal Secrets slot will be rewarded with 4 000 coins, and the scatter keys will deliver 20 000. There are wild castles that are able to stand in for any other icons the player may require to make up his or her winning combinations as well, in addition to a 12-card pick-me jackpot card bonus game, where players will be asked to reveal the hidden wins behind the facedown playing cards until three cards of the same suit are revealed.

Wins of 7 000 coins or less may be gambled on the feature provided for this purpose in order to augment them, and players may well find themselves far richer than they were when they started playing Royal Secrets slot if they manage to correctly guess the colour of the facedown card displayed onscreen.