Mobile craps

Playing Mobile Craps on the Go

Mobile craps, like any other Aussie mobile casino game, is seen as a convenient option to playing online casino games as players have the ability to play on the go. Mobile technology and the advances of the online world means everyone has or wants a mobile device making it a most sought after item.

If a busy schedule keeps a fan of craps away from ever enjoying the game then mobile craps is seen as the best option as players can literally play anywhere as long there is an internet connection, battery life and a few moments to roll the dice. All of the same banking options and customer care services can be expected when playing this game on mobile. This is why it is best to always play at the better online casinos as it ensures not only quality of the game but also better services and bonus offers.

What to Expect From Mobile Craps

Mobile craps is played the same way as it is online but certain mobile devices have capabilities that are taken into account when they are converted into mobile compatibility. Leading devices such as iPads, iPhones, Android phones and tablets amongst others are compatible with the mobile version of craps.

Mobile craps is generally a single player game but mobile technology, like Bluetooth, allows multiple players to play simultaneously on multiple mobile devices. A free play version of craps is also available on mobile and is a preferred method used to learn the rules of the game as opposed to reading up on the instructions. This also offers players the chance to test various applications and games from various software developers.

The devices running on the iOS operating system may be better suited for downloadable mobile craps but there are some devices that allow the game to be played directly in the web browser. There are pros and cons to both options but finding a quality game that is powered by quality software will offer a better game play experience.

The Rules to Playing Mobile Craps

The same way craps is played around the world on various other platforms, mobile craps is all about betting on the outcome of two rolled dice. Basic game play consists of the player having to roll a value of seven or eleven in order to win an equal bet pay out but if a two, three or twelve is rolled the player loses. Any other number gives the player one more roll but another seven or eleven will not result in another win, rather, the aim is then for the player to roll the same number again.

Mobile craps is largely a game of chance as there is no real way to correctly predict the outcome of the rolled dice. There are however a variety of different bets that can be placed on certain outcomes. Some of these may offer better odds and pay outs than others. Knowing how the different bets work will assist with better odds of winning or least playing smarter.