Lucky Panda

Lucky Panda Online Slots Game

Lucky Panda is an online slots game developed by PlayTech. This game features five reels, four rows and a whopping 1024 ways to win.

A max bet button is available that automatically places bets on all 1024 ways to win. The auto play button will spin the reels a set number of times without having to click on the spin button.

The highest winning jackpot in this online slots game pays out 4 000 coins. This is won by landing five of the koala bear symbols consecutively on the reels. The second highest jackpot pays 1 250 coins for landing five consecutive snake symbols. Five tiger symbols will pay out 1 000 coins and 250 coins will be awarded for five consecutive monkey symbols. The remaining symbols pay for five consecutive hits at the amounts ranging from 50 to 100 coins.

Lucky Panda’s Sound, Visuals and Symbols

Lucky Panda presents an adorable Asian theme centred on the forests of China where the giant panda is found. The pan pipe styled music adds harmony and a soothing ambiance to the understated Asian imagery. Chirping birds and other animal sounds can be heard in the background. The simple animations include a variety of symbols ranging from the high value playing cards numbers nine, jack, queen, king and ace to a variety of animals found in the pandas natural habitat. These animal icons include a tiger, a snake, a monkey and a koala bear.

Lucky Wilds and Scatter Symbols

The Lucky Panda logo symbol represents the wild symbol. The wild symbols will only land on reels two, three and four. These logo symbols act as a substitute for any other symbol to help create a winning combination.

The panda itself can be seen displayed on the scatter symbols. Three or more of the panda symbols landing on any of the reels will activate fifteen free spins. There is no need for the pandas to land on an active pay line as they reward free spins regardless. All winnings produced from the free spins play are doubled by a 2x multiplier. Additional fifteen free spins can be activated by hitting another batch of three or more scatter symbols while playing with free spins. Up to 210 free spins can be awarded in simultaneous rounds.

The Second Chance Scatter Feature

Lucky Panda online slots boasts a second chance scatter bonus feature. This feature is triggered when two of the panda scatter symbols land on any of the reels. The two reels that hold the panda symbol will be frozen while the remaining three reels spin once more for free.

The Lucky Panda All Ways Feature

The Lucky Panda all ways feature involves bets being placed on consecutive symbol combinations between reels and not pay lines. If all five reels are activated any winning combination will begin from the furthest left reel towards the right regardless of where the first winning symbol is placed on that reel. If less than five reels are activated only the two centre symbols will be allowed to participate in creating winning combinations. All five reels offer 1024 winning ways, four reels have 512 winning ways, three reels offer 256 ways, two reels have 128 ways and one reel leaves 64 different ways to win. A minimum of 12 coins is required to bet on each reel in order to activate them for the all ways feature.