Fruit Warp

Fruit Warp Online Slots Review

One of the more creative releases from Thunderkick, Fruit Warp is an arcade style video slot game that combines quality graphics with unique gameplay to bring players a considerably innovative machine.

There are no reels, nor are there any paylines in this game, however players will find a number of bonus features. Not only is this game available at a number of online casinos, but at various mobile casinos too, providing convenience for player all over the world.

Free play is also available for players interested in getting a look and feel for the Fruit Warp casino game without risking any of their own money.

Interface and Controls

The interface presented in Fruit Warp is unlike any other found in today’s online slot games, with 9 three-dimensional fruits plunged into what appears to be a green liquid of sorts, each revolving in their own direction.

With each spin, the floating fruits will disappear before 9 more shoot forth from the slime, an attractive touch that gives the impression that they are on a giant reel, or caught in a circular current in the liquid. At the bottom of the screen players will find a range of action buttons that need to be used to control the game.

These buttons allow players to place their preferred bets (ranging from as little as 0.10 to up to as much as 100.00 coins), select the autoplay feature and much more, with a menu button also providing information on winning combinations and game rules.

Fruit Warp Gameplay

In spite of the fact that bets are somewhat similar to many other online slots, as previously mentioned, the Fruit Warp slot game is entirely unique and doesn’t have any specific win lines. Instead, players simply have to land 3 of the same fruit symbols in one single spin to bring in the rewards.

The 9 symbols in Fruit Warp display a starfruit, a dragon fruit, a kiwano melon, oranges, bananas, strawberries, plums, grapes and cherries. Each fruit has their very own value, with the more exotic fruits holding much higher value than say that of the strawberry or plum.

Fruit Modes

While there are so many aspects that resemble those found in arcade games, the bonus features found in Fruit Warp are nothing but characteristic with today’s video slot games. Players will need to land at least 4 of the same fruit symbols in a single spin, in order to trigger the game’s bonus features.

However, 4 of the symbols will simply give players an added chance to play the bonus game (which is essentially a portal respin) and 5 will take them straight to the feature. The respin gives the opportunity to collect another of the same fruit symbol, which would give a player 5 and thus take them to the bonus feature.

Fruit Warp Bonus Feature

Once a player has collected 5 of the same symbols in a single spin (or respin), the Fruit Warp bonus feature will begin automatically and present a tastefully animated scale below the fruit. Players will need to make their way along the scale, collecting multipliers while trying to reach the end.

Players can move along the scale by collecting at least 1 of the very same fruit that triggered the bonus round and do so on each and every spin. Players also have the extra chance to receive an extra life, resulting in an extra spin should players fail to land a matching symbol.