Eidsvold Cup

Sports Betting Goes Mobile for Eidsvold and the Eidsvold Cup

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Rural Race Tracks offer a Great Deal of Fun

The Eidsvold Races are held in the peaceful countryside of north Queensland and provide a great deal of excitement for the community. Eidsvold is situated 180 kilometres west of Bundaberg, and a little more than 400 kilometres North West of Brisbane. Eidsvold will be holding two great Race Meetings in 2016.

The Eidsvold area was explored by Thomas Archer, one of five sons of William Archer who had emigrated from Scotland to Norway in 1825. Three of the sons then emigrated to Australia in the 1830s. Thomas Archer established a farming station in 1848, and named it Eidsvold after the Norwegian ton where the constitution was signed and from which the family had emigrated. The town was named after the Archers’ homestead. Gold was discovered in the 1850s, but significant mining only began with the rush in 1886. Mining did not last very long, and the town’s pastoral interests began to take over. Today it is the centre of the beef industry in that region, and the hub for the farming community. Eidsvold has been the site of some few earthquakes, and is vulnerable to the frequent cyclones of that area.

Eidsvold race track is situated on a cleared grassy terrain approximately three kilometres from the village. The race track is generally oval shaped with two straight segments connected by a ninety degree curve. Eidsvold, Eidsvold Cup Race and the accompanying festivities at the racecourse is important to the region because of its strong association with the community, who have used the race course for over 130 years.

The Eidsvold, Eidsvold Cup race will be held in June, which is a replacement for their Cup meeting which was washed out by a cyclone earlier in the year. The Eidsvold, Eidsvold Cup carries prize money of 9000 dollars, with the other races carrying another 8000 dollars, and another profitable Maiden race to round out the program.

Attractive Betting Prospects

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