Cricket Betting Tips

Cricket Betting Tips

Even though cricket is not the biggest sport in the world it definitely has a huge following and as such it has great betting potential. Cricket Betting Tips are therefore essential to you as you make your way through all of the relevant information before placing your wager. Cricket is an intensely data-centric sport, and as such you will need a firm grasp of the statistics when going in as a punter.

Something that is quite unique to Cricket is the fact that it has so many different formats (more on those below). In each of these different formats we find that players that are usually quite average in more traditional match day scenarios really come into their own when the formats are changed and as such turn the odds around significantly.

Perennial Cricket Opportunities

As Cricket is an all year round sport, you will never be without plenty of cricket betting action throughout the season. There are many different formats of the game which range from 5-day matches that test the endurance of competing teams to the explosive spontaneity of T20 day night matches.

See below for some of the most popular tournaments and leagues that are available for the best in Cricket Betting Tips opportunities.

The ICC Cricket World Cup

We are fortunate to have 2 separate ICC Cricket World Cup titles up for grabs, and a third trophy in the form of The ICC Test Championship. The traditional 50-overs-a-side that has been the staple for many years and the relative newcomer T20 adding nail bitingly close finishes and aggressive batting and bowling.

As the name suggests, teams from around the world slug it out for ball and bat supremacy, which never fails to culminate in explosive final matches. Cricket Betting Tips will help you to wade through all the statistical data and give you the edge that you need on match day.

ICC Test Match Betting

Test Match cricket is becoming increasingly popular. In addition to it being the longest format of the game, it also offers the most possible outcomes between two competing teams as there is so much that can happen over the course of a 5-day match.

This makes Cricket Betting Tips indispensable as you can watch the odds change while the contest progresses, allowing you to update and bet with up to the minute data. Remember, you can never research too much on any given team as the more you know, the more of an advantage you will have on match day.

ICC One-Day International Betting

Shorter formats of cricket are also a great avenue to place bets on. Usually 50-over and Twenty20 series matches are arranged while teams are on tours these days. The shorter format matches are brilliantly entertaining and as such generate great betting potential and fantastic odds.

What’s Out There

There are many ways to bet on cricket and many avenues where punters can place a wager. Bettors have the opportunity to bet on different markets, with a variety of different bet types, which is why a reliable source of Cricking Betting Tips is an essential tool in the arsenal of the modern day punter.