Chippendales Slot Machine Highly Entertaining

The Chippendales video entertainment slot is one of Playtech’s releases, and features 5 reels and 20 paylines, in terms of slot machine action. However, this is certainly not all the action available on this slot machine, for the Chippendales are all about the screen and video action. As can be expected, and even just thinking about the name, it is perfectly clear what the theme of this slots game is. The Chippendales are a well-known troupe of beautifully built and ripped male strippers who perform to the joy and appreciation of their women audience.

The strippers, well-dressed to start off with, gradually lose their clothes to the accompaniment of some excellent and modern music, all the while raising the temperature in the room, getting their female audience more and more excited, until eventually all their clothes are jettisoned and the audience is a pulsating mass of female libido. The slots game is pretty much the same.

Playtech have, astutely, capitalised on the global Chippendale brand, and to be fair, have done an excellent job. The graphics, game effects and music presented as accompaniments to the slots game are rated as average by most players, and since they are female players, with so much to distract them from the actual gameplay, it should therefore be anticipated that besides all the eye-candy, this game is probably rather underwhelming.

Wild and Scatter Symbols

The hunky male strippers’ distinctive costume of Bow Tie and Shirt Cuff is the Wild symbol on this Chippendales video slot machine. The Wild symbol is only available on reels 2, 3 and 4, and in standard wild fashion is able to replace and substitute for any other symbols in creating winning combinations. Apart from the Scatter symbol or Wheel symbol, of course.

The Chippendales Group is the Scatter symbol on this slots game. In between the various eye-catching happenings on the reels, 3, 4 or 5 scatters will win players a range of multipliers. These increase from 3x, and peak at 100x, which make a significant difference to the winnings when activated.

Bonus Games and Sights

The Chippendale symbols or individual strippers have three states each during this game. Every time one of these hunks shows up in a winning combination, the player is thoroughly distracted from watching their winnings increase because the star Chippendale cast member then removes an item of clothing. These symbols actually only appear on reels 1, 3 and 5, but really, most players will never notice this.

The Bonus Features

A sexy male dancer spins the wheel randomly to win a chosen prize. The prize is really simply a total bet multiplier, but certainly well worth receiving.

The stake levels on Chippendale slot machine start with a coin denomination of 0.25 and increase to a level where the maximum bet on all the paylines is 1000 coins. The jackpot payouts, and there are three of them, increase depending on the dancers’ state of dress. Fully clothed icons pay 500 coins, with their jacket off, they pay 1000 coins, and a shirtless conditions reaps a reward of 1500 coins.

Chippendales slots game, therefore features some highly profitable and rewarding eye-candy for the girls.